Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fluxus Nomad Scarf as Featured on Oprah, Available NOW, FREE Shipping!

We were so stoked when we found out the Oprah loves the Fluxus Nomad Scarf as much as we do.  Thats right,  your favorite talk show host is also a huge fan of the Fluxus Nomad Scarf.  We may have to change the name to the Fluxus Oprah Scarf, or maybe just call it the Oprah Scarf.  Well, maybe not, but you better get over to Shop Adorn and grab one for yourself.  They just got it another shipment and are now fully stocked in four colors:  Black, Stone, Captive and Spice.  

This huge jersey cotton scarf looks great with any outfit! Its so super soft its like wearing the softest tee shirt ever around your neck!  Wrap yourself in it, drape it around your shoulders to add color and spice to your favorite outfits.  You are sure to LOVE the Fluxus Nomad Scarf.

  • 100% Cotton Jersey 
  • Available in Black and Charcoal
  • $50.00
  • Free shipping on Domestic orders of $50 or more.

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